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Hello and welcome to my website

My name is Aly Whitley, I am a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist and Emotional Support Practitioner with a nursing background.

We can optimise our wellbeing by making healthy diet and lifestyle choices. We need to manage stress levels, get enough sleep, maintain a healthy weight, be well hydrated, get enough exercise, limit toxins from food and the environment, consume nutrient dense and clean food and possibly supplement nutrients that we may be low in.

Every cell in our body requires Vitamin D in order to function. Living in the Northern hemisphere especially in the winter months negatively impacts our Vit D levels as 90 % of it comes from direct exposure to UVB rays (midday sun).  

There is growing evidence that optimising your Vit D levels is not only protective for your heart health, against certain cancers , your immunity and bone health, but has been shown to reduce the risk of respiratory infections including Covid 19.

Now offering Vit D testing …. results in 15mins.  

  • Health Mentoring

  • Community Workshops
  • Corporate Talks & Workshops

  • Mobile service with centrifuge
  • Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Dorset  
  • Vit D testing: results in 15mins  



Aly Whitley RMN NHF dip (ITEC) EFT NLP