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Personal Health Coaching

Relax on the beach

This is a unique and life changing opportunity to spend 3 – 5 days with Aly at her sea side town. You will be staying in a comfortable apartment with en suite bedroom, not far from the beach and a short drive to country/moorland walks. It is a personalised experience for someone on their own, a couple, mums and daughters or 2 friends. During this time you will benefit from her many years of experience and knowledge whilst feeling nourished, nurtured and replenished mentally , physically and emotionally. Her mission will be to pass on to you everything you need to know to over come your health challenges and move forward making permanent and positive lifestyle and dietary changes.

The program includes a personalised consultation to address any health concerns and set goals, daily informal lessons, effective stress management techniques, hands on meal planning, preparation and cooking simple, tasty and nutrient dense food as well as emotional support and an individualised plan of how to implement new changes on returning home.

Relax on the beach

Our modern day lives are bombarded by stress from all angles, we are surrounded by adverts for unhealthy food and confusing claims by food manufacturers. It is normal everyday practice to consume stimulating caffeinated drinks and sugary snacks without being aware of how this impacts our health. We are exposed to thousands of chemicals from our ever increasingly toxic world, on a daily basis, that accumulate in our bodies over years contributing to chronic disease and premature aging. We can get drawn into bad or unhealthy habits and attitudes, that we grow up with, and are surrounded by, often without question, leaving us feeling unfulfilled and prevent us from reaching our full potential.

If you are looking for optimal physical and mental performance, this is a good place to start.

This is not the usual “retreat from life”, but a life changing experience in a restful, but normal everyday environment, enabling you to establish healthier habits when surrounded by the usual temptations of everyday life.

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