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Health Mentoring

Cancer Research 2018
“The biggest cause of preventable cancer after smoking is obesity”

Diabetes UK
“3.7million people diagnosed in the UK with diabetes (90% type 2)” “It is estimated that by 2015 that will rise to 5million” “It is estimated that there are 12.5million people at increased risk”

British Heart Foundation 2014
“CVD is the second leading cause of death in the UK” “420 people die each day from heart disease, 1 every 3minutes”

It is quite clear that our dietary choices and lifestyle are an increasing cause of ill health and chronic disease. The symptoms creep up on us over a number of years, so there is no quick fix or overnight cure.

Aly works with individuals who are motivated to make a permanent and positive change in their health and wellbeing. By taking a detailed case history, looking at dietary and lifestyle choices and functional testing is it possible to make achievable changes and improvements in ones health and wellbeing.

Aly recommends her 3 month support package, including a series of consultations and email access to thoroughly establish the route cause of the problem and create some powerful, positive and permanent changes, in a way that is workable and achievable.

This health mentoring approach is suitable for all types of chronic ill health, including digestive problems, weight problems, skin issues, fatigue, anxiety, depression, diabetes type 2, etc.

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Aly has been a registered mental health nurse since 1985, she has practised EFT since 2002 and NLP since 2014. As part of a holistic approach and using a combination of these skills she has had some amazing results with PTSD and emotional trauma.

By releasing stored negative emotion and limiting beliefs, one can become empowered to achieve new heights, ambitions and reach optimum potential.


Often referred to as psychological acupressure, a meridian therapy that works by releasing blockages within the energy system, which can cause emotional intensity and discomfort. These blockages create limiting beliefs as well as harbouring strong emotional charge and prevent us reaching our full potential.

The result can be seen in a lack of self worth and self esteem, feeling anxious or depressed which often leads to addictive behaviour or manifesting itself as a physical problem.


Neuro Linguistic Programming, is an approach to communication, personal development and psychotherapy. It is the study of excellent communication both with yourself and others.

During and following challenging experiences we can change the way we feel and the lesson learnt by reframing our thoughts and changing our state.

For example,

You are heartbroken following a relationship break up. You may feel depressed and experience low self worth.

By reframing the story you can change that feeling around. You are now free and open to a better relationship, and have learnt valuable lessons about yourself.

The Health Mentoring option over a period of 3 months works really well for anyone with long term/chronic health challenges, and can result in a marked improvements in health and wellbeing.


For more information, for concessions or to arrange a FREE 15 minute consultation please email.